Nokian – WR A3

Nokian WR A3The Nokian WR A3 is the successor to the very successful WR G2 winter performance tyre. It comes with many features at an affordable price which makes this tyre a bargain.

  • Offers the Best Value for Money
  • Excellent in Snow
  • Asymmetric Tread Pattern – Outer shoulder focuses on cornering ability while the inside should improves grip and slush removal.
  • SilentGroove & SilentSidewall Technology – To reduce road noise.
  • 3D Locking Sipe Action – Reduces wear and improves ‘feel’.
  • Polished Grooves – To Remove Slush and Water.
  • Cryogenic Canola Oil Compound – Better traction at very low temperatures.
  • Nanobase Technology – Nanotech Performance Feature

The Nokian WR A3 is Nokian’s latest addition to Nokian’s winter tyre line-up. For those who are not familiar with the brand, Nokian is a Finnish tyre company with a long and successful history in the european tyre market, especially when it comes to winter tyres.

The Nokian WR A3 is the successor of the very popular Nokian WR G2 that sold out year after year thanks to its assymetric design and focus on slush removal and handling.


The Nokian WR A3 like its predecessor also arrives with an asymmetric design however it has slightly more focus towards performance and cornering grip.

The inner shoulder of the WR A3 focusses on achieving grip in severe winter conditions such as snow and ice. The outer shoulder focuses on cornering performance in dry conditions thanks to a large and stable tread block pattern around the circumference on the outer edges, which carries the most load while cornering aggressively on dry roads.

Thanks to a slight redesign of the tread pattern the WR A3 now has an additional vertical band of rubber down the central section of the tyre. This adds additional sideways grip by providing more biting edges in the lateral direction.

Last but by no means least, the WR A3 features high sipe density that helps achieve further grip by increasing the number of biting edges available.


The Nokian WR A3 now features some of Nokian’s latest innovations such as its NanobaseStructure which improves stability and steering properties in cornering and in avoidance maneuvers.

Nokian have also included a new 3D locking sipe design that helps to reduce excessive sipe movement when the tread block makes contact with the road surface. This helps creates a stiffer tread block to improve steering response and also helps to reduce excessive wear from regular use, meaning they’ll last longer.


While it has changed slightly in appearance the higher focus on performance design has made the tyre even better at handling slush and standing water. The change in tread design has lead to more vertical grooves and channels that helps evacuate slush more efficiently and more quickly. This focus on slush removal means that you’ll less likely experience a disastrous loss of control if you accidentally hit the icy water at speed.

Another returning feature on the Nokian WR A3 are the polished grooves that were demonstrated on the WR G2. These polised grooves helps even further to evacuate the thick cocktail of semi-frozen fluids by reducing friction as it makes contact with the groove surfaces.


One of the best features of the Nokian WR A3 is the inclusion of Nokian’s Silent Groove and particularly their Silent Sidewall designs.

The Silent Grooves is the formation of golf-ball pattern cavities that runs along the vertical edge of the tyre groove. This pattern helps to reduce drag and disrupts passing airflow to prevent high frequency oscillations that are responsible for the whistling noises experience while driving at higher speeds. The pattern also adds additional surface area to help keep the tyre cool after prolonged or aggressive use.

The Silent Sidewall technology is a seperate layer of vibration absorbing material incorporated in the A3′s sidewall, that isolates the vibrations created by the tyre face making contact with the road from being transmitted back to the rest of the vehicle.

The inclusion of these features is aimed primarily to make the Nokian WR A3 more pleasant to own and use. While it does not eradicate road noise completely it does manage to do so noticeably, and enough to change the driving experience significantly.

Tyre Compound

The WR A3 features Nokian’s own specially designed compound for low temperature capabilities – their ‘Cryogenic Canola Compound’. This compound is a mixture of rubber, silica, and canola oil that creates a blend that improves polymer flexibility at low temperatures that helps achieve traction on freezing roads, while the high silica content helps create low rolling resistance.

One thing you’ll notice about the compound on the Nokian WR A3 is that it is stiffer than some of the other competitors for this market. We believe that this helps reduce wear and provides a more economical drive while not compromising on low temperature capabilites. Another thing we have noticed with this compound is that it warms up more quickly even in sub-zero temperatures compared to conventional tyres.


The Nokian WR A3 also comes with a couple of safety features, Nokian’s DSI (Driving Safety Indicator) and WSI Snow-flake symbol (Winter Safety Indicator). These are symbols that slowly wear away as the tyre tread depth is reduced from regular use. This gives clear indication as to whether or not the tyres remain effective for general or winter use, thus taking the guesswork out of the equation and providing peace of mind.


The WR A3 will be a very successful tyre in this category thanks to the high number of technical innovations and inclusions in this performance winter tyre. The low rolling resistance and comfort technologies are wonderful features to have and will appeal to many drivers.

While not focussing solely on grip on snow and ice it is perfectly suitable to changeable climates especially for countries that experiences a variety of road conditions throughout the winter season. Making the Nokian WR A3 an ideal choice for countries that experience milder winters on regular occasions.

Summary of features

  • Asymmetric Tread Pattern
  • SilentGroove & SilentSidewall Technology
  • 3D Locking Sipe Action
  • Polished Grooves
  • Cryogenic Canola Oil Compound
  • Nanobase Technology

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