Nokian – WR D3

The WR D3 is Nokian’s new entrant to the passenger tyre market. This Finnish company has a long history of creating excellent winter tyres and the WR D3 is no exception. It comes with more features to improve comfort and winter performance.

  • CoolTouch Sipe Action – For superior grip.
  • Low Rolling Resistance – For a more economical journey.
  • SlushBlower Technology – Improves resistance to slush-planing.
  • Polished Grooves – Superior fluid removal and aquaplaning resistance.
  • SilentSidewall Technology – Reduces transmission of road vibrations making for a more comfortable ride.
  • DSI and WSI indicators – To alert the owner of optimal tyre condition.
  • Cryogenic Canola Oil Compound – For higher traction at low temperatures.
For those of you who are new to the brand, Nokian is a Finnish tyre company that has been around for over 75 years. One of their specialties is the winter tyre range and the company tests their winter tyres rigorously on their very own winter testing range in Ivalo – Finland.

The Nokian WR D3 has been specifically designed for the passenger or mid-sized family vehicle. Unlike the asymmetric patterns of their performance tyres the Nokian WR D3 features a chevron/arrow-shaped tyre pattern and a host of innovations to aid in grip in winter conditions.


The first feature of the pack is Nokian’s CoolTouch Technology. In this pattern the sipes do not break the block edge, this feature creates extra grip by reducing excessive movement and enforcing optimal sipe integrity and shape. This feature enhances driving stability on dry roads, while improving grip on ice and snow, reduces rolling resistance, and increases the tyres lifespan. This tread design therefore makes for an economical ride without compromising on performance.

The chevron style tread pattern manages to squeeze in a large number of tread blocks across the tread surface. This pattern provides ample grip in snow thanks to the high number of biting edges and perfectly aligned tread blocks on the shoulders of the tyres tread area. The greater angles in the middle of the tyre help to progressively exert turning forces when cornering, making for exceptional handling.

Aquaplaning Resistance

Another feature we particularly like on the Nokian WR D3 is the ‘Slush Blower’ technology. This comes in the form of a staggered edge on the tread block that forces slush, water, and snow out of the way to create better contact with the road.

In addition, the grooves of the WR D3 are also polished to ensure the efficient evacuation of water and slush. This combination will help reduce the chances of aquaplaning in wet and wintery conditions (more so when driving over slush), thus allowing for greater control and driving confidence.


Although Nokian consider this to be their economical winter tyre they did not compromise by leaving out some of their new comfort features. Like its sister product the Nokian WR A3, the Nokian WR D3 comes with ‘Silent Sidewall’ technology that separates the tread pattern from the rest of the tyre. This special layer helps dampen the vibrations from contact with the road and stops it from being transmitted to the rest of the vehicle. In combination with its low-rolling resistance, the Silent Sidewall technology should help reduce the amount of road noise that is a common affliction for winter tyres, allowing for a quieter and more comfortable journey – especially over longer distances.


The final feature we would like to introduce is Nokian’s built in Driving Safety Indicator (DSI). For the family vehicle, safety is of the highest priority and tyre condition is absolutely essential in winter driving. Nokian have addressed this by including an indicator that fades away as the tread depth is reduced through natural wear. This indicator tells you how many millimeters are left of the tread depth and the snowflake symbol fades away as the tyre reaches marginal safety conditions for winter use.


Overall the Nokian D3 provides excellent traction in snow, and provides comfort and safety for the discerning motorist. So there you have it, the Nokian WR D3 is an outstanding addition to Nokian’s line-up that is targeted towards mid-sized family and passenger vechicles. If you are looking for a great winter tyre that focusses on comfort and safety without breaking the bank, or live in an area that is regularly covered in snow, the Nokian WR D3 is a very strong contender.

Summary of Features

  • CoolTouch Sipe Action
  • Low Rolling Resistance
  • SlushBlower Technology
  • Polished Grooves
  • SilentSidewall Technology
  • DSI and WSI indicators
  • Cryogenic Canola Oil Compound
  • Economical Passenger/Mid-sized Family Vehicle Winter Tyre
  • Focus On Safety Features